Thursday, 30 March 2023 14:12

Unique Online Training Platform launched

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The Unique Online Training Platform is now open for registrations and can be accessed through the link: by all possible media (laptops, desktops or mobile phones). Designed as a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), it is currently offered in four different languages: English, Greek, Croatian and Polish, which represent the national languages of the Unique implementing countries.

aaaqunq2Developed according to the principles of adult training and focusing less on providing concrete technical knowledge and more on reversing the negative perceptions and attitudes against LGBTIQ+ individuals in Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools, the training materials are designed to permit a meaningful interaction between the user and the platform.

The online platform is part of the Unique training course which is addressed to VET Teachers/Trainers and falls under the broader scope of the project: the training course aims at transforming VET Teachers/Trainers to Ambassadors who will efficiently use the Unique training methodology to support their LGBTIQ+ VET Learners and help their colleagues or design joint interventions to build safer educational environments. 20 VET Teachers/Trainers per country (80 in total) are expected to attend the course and become the new Unique Ambassadors who will spread the word about the project.

Unique training course is delivered in two phases: (a) online individual training conducted via the platform where interested VET Teachers/Trainers can register and attend the course on their own time and (b) digital, face-to-face or blended classes moderated by experts with the support of the VET Teachers/Trainers already trained in Unique methodology during the Transnational “Train-the-Trainers” Workshop in Amsterdam in May 2022.

Once they have completed the training circle of an approximate duration of 60 hours (both through the platform and the moderated classes), the newly trained VET Teachers/Trainers will be involved in Peer Training Activities, assuming the responsibility to train their colleagues against common challenges. This will take place during April and May 2023, so you can take a frequent look on our website and social media to stay updated.

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