Tuesday, 18 October 2022 20:17

4th Transnational Meeting in Zagreb

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unique 3rd trans

Our Unique partnership met again in Zagreb for our 4th Transnational Meeting on 13th and 14th of October 2022. The meeting was co-hosted by Algebra and CCI Porec and took place in Algebra premises in the Croatian capital city. This meeting was conducted at a very critical milestone and offered the momentum for very important decisions among the partners.

First of all, the partners discussed about the current progress of the project: the development of the training materials has been finalized so the partners took advantage of the meeting to agree on common principles for the review of the training materials. As per the partners’ decision, the review will be conducted in two levels: (a) scientific review reflecting the latest terminology, the use of non-discriminatory and inclusive language, the avoidance of victimization and the suitability of the information for the target group; (b) technical review focusing on the evaluation of the training methodology, the structure of the materials, the clarity, interactivity and relevance of the content with the objectives of the training course.

As far as the upcoming activities are concerned, we also set the basis for the organization of the national VET Teachers/Trainers’ training sessions and clarified the role of Ambassadors within the Peer Training Activities, covering also preventive or responsive strategies to address any challenges especially in countries with less favourable social context towards LGBTIQ+ people. We also discussed about the Policy Recommendations and the delivery of the respective consultations that need to be organized closer to the end of the project.