Tuesday, 10 May 2022 13:01

3rd Transnational Meeting in Amsterdam

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Our 3rd Transnational Meeting, which took place in Amsterdam on 9-10 of May 2022, was just completed. The meeting was hosted by GALE and contributed not only to the design of our future activities but also to the team’s bonding. The partners had the chance to meet face-to-face for the first time, due to COVID-19 measures and local lockdowns that had been imposed throughout the first year of the project’s implementation.

During the meeting, we finalized the structure of the Curriculum and concluded on the thematic areas and the templates that will be used for the training materials. Our next important milestone will be the launch of the training platform and the start of the pilot implementation which is planned for autumn 2022.

We also discussed the upcoming local activities in the celebration of PRIDE throughout June. All partners are committed to strengthening their dissemination activities and promoting the project’s results within their VET institutes but also to the wider communities, raising awareness of the necessity for greater LGBTQI visibility and equal treatment in VET education.

We also had the chance to host the project’s External Evaluator who monitored our work during these two days in view of the preparation of the Mid-Term Εvaluation Report. Other topics that were presented during our meeting were our achievements and challenges during the first one and a half years of implementation, the main findings of the Quality Assurance Board as well as the requirements for the next reporting period.