Saturday, 15 January 2022 20:33

Publication of UNIQUE's Manual on how to develop LGBTIQ inclusive curricula

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The main aim of the manual is to introduce a non-discriminatory VET educational strategy, promoting the inclusion of LGBTIQ people and challenging discrimination and human rights violations based on sexuality and gender, as well as other forms of exclusion.

This manual is meant to aid VET teachers and trainers, as well as the developers of training Curricula and materials, in increasing their understanding of sexuality and gender and building their capacity to recognise stereotypes and discriminatory patterns against LGBTIQ people, creating VET programmes that are inclusive of sexual and gender diversity, and evaluate VET curricula from a gender and sexuality informed standpoint.

In this manual VET teachers and trainers can find:

  • ·Basic information regarding gender, sexuality and LGBTIQ identities.
  • ·Tools to better identify and avoid stereotypes and discriminatory patterns in VET programmes.
  • An assessment grid based on which each VET programme's level of diversity and inclusiveness can be identified.
  • Theoretical and practical guidelines on designing and delivering inclusive VET courses, securing the promotion of diversity, including examples of good practices and resources for VET teachers.
  • A tool for quality assurance and evaluation of curricula.
  • A concise glossary of terms

You can read the manual here.