Wednesday, 12 January 2022 13:10

Become an ambassador!

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The key strategy of the UNIQUE project is to recruit and train Ambassadors that are willing to support equality for LGBTIQ trainees in vocational education.

Are you interested in joining us? Would you like to explore what you can do as a UNIQUE Ambassador?

There are multiple ways in which you may be able to make a difference: you could provide direct support to LGBTIQ VET learners, raise awareness on your community, get trained on equality and inclusiveness and transmit your knowledge to your colleagues through Peer Training Activities!

Currently, we are looking for VET Teachers/Trainers and Staff from Greece, Croatia, Cyprus and Poland who are interested in participating in our activities and playing an active role in the social transformation of VET system in their countries.

Together with us, you will learn how to:

  • be clear that you are a safe person to be approached by an LGBTIQ learner, in case they have questions or would like to have support
  • help create a “safe space” for all your learners, whatever their background, feelings and opinions are, including LGBTIQ learners
  • address the issue of LGBTIQ equality in your team, or individually with your fellow teachers
  • take advantage of the subject you are teaching and give attention to sexual and gender diversity
  • suggest to the management to consider rephrasing the non-discrimination or diversity policy to include LGBTIQ discrimination and support
  • support LGBTIQ students that are interested to create a “gender and sexuality alliance” of LGBTIQ and heterosexual allies, which organizes activities for support and advocacy
  • be a co-trainer or speaker in a training on gender and sexual diversity of your colleagues
  • be part of initiatives to reach out to parents, local communities and authorities to combat discrimination
  • exchange your experiences with other Ambassadors

This moment, it may seem challenging if you don’t know much about gender and sexual diversity, or if you fear negative responses. We are here to discuss your concerns and offer you a UNIQUE training opportunity.